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On Thu, Aug 13, 2020 at 1:25 PM Info Seeker wrote:
Hello Peter,
I’m guessing at your email address so I hope I’m right and you receive this email. I’ve been on your email list for a handful of days. I’ve been watching different videos I find of yours and watching the videos you’re autoresponder has sent me as well.
I was poking around on google and found this link of yours:
Well, I at first glanced at them and thought that the numbers on the surface look like a lot of losses and I quickly lost interest in it and filed it away. Then a couple of days later it kept bugging me that I did not really dig into the numbers. So, I opened up my spreadsheet and put in a starting balance of $10,000 and then told it to never use more than 10% of the balance at once for any single trade.
Then I proceed to start with your 2015 numbers from the top of the page working my way to the bottom of the page. I only entered in the percentage of gain or loss for each listing. If it was a rollover or anything like that there was no gain or loss to enter. I also entered in if it was a zero return as well.
So, here are the stats:
Beginning balance: $10,000
2015 – $19,819 end of year balance. That’s about a 100% return for the year.
2016 – $25,954 end of year balance. That’s about a 30% return for the year.
2017 – $47,997 end of year balance. That’s a 84.62% return for the year.
2018 – $47,771 end of year balance. That’s about a 0% return for the year.
2019 – $100,419 end of year balance. That’s a 110.21% return for the year.
2020 – $113,120 only 4 months. That’s about a 13.00% return for that time period.
So, the fictitious account started with $10,000 and is now $113,120 after 5 years and 4 months of taking every one of your trades and only risking 10% of the account on any one trade. That’s a 1,100% return over that short time period!
In contrast, a regular investment account doing decent would return say 7% a year. Well, if you started with $10,000 (like above) and earned 7% a year you would have $14,342 after 5.33 years.
That’s a huge difference Peter and I thought if anyone would appreciate me taking the time to put each trade into my spreadsheet, you would. Because then you get to see what the returns would be if you followed your trades and my simple trading rule of 10% max per trade.
Also, if you were to only do 5% max per trade then the return is literally about 550% vs the 1100% return for the same amount of time. So, half the money.
Anyway, I hope you like the stats Peter.
Take care,