Mentoring Testimonials

Just wanted to tell you that I finally debuted yesterday… And had a wildly successful first couple of days! I made over $1,000 on a $3,000 account. ūüôā Just three trades. And among those, one was a small loser (one wing of an iron condor).
Yes, I took all that I learned from Peter and you and mixed it with my own lessons learned and wisdom gained from the School of Hard Knocks ūüôā and utilized my own strategy to enjoy this outcome… Boy, do I Love this!!
–Vinny C

“Had my second session with Keith,¬†Great guy – great info – great vibe – super helpful.”

“I feel like it will help me assess the trade recommendations that come through and filter other possible trades with the criterion Peter‚Äôs course teaches as well as Keiths practical application to it. I do feel more confident and pray that this guidance will help me consistently win with your trades and others that I consider.”

“It was a tough pill to swallow to drop another 2K into training – but I felt like it was a necessary move and so thank you for encouraging it.”

“Heck Tiger Woods still has a coach‚Ķright?! And I am farrrrrr from Tiger Woods as a trader‚Ķ:)‚Ķ.for now‚Ķ:)”


“Let me be clear on something: I have for 20 years tried this or the other, studied techniques, books and then in my only session…and with Peter’s material, I have learned hands on more than in all those years¬†together.”

“I want your sessions and I appreciate them SO much. I wait for them like water in the desert.”


“I think having someone to provide coaching is very important.¬† Someone available to ask a question to and just hold my hand at various times.¬† Not many of these types of programs have that available.¬† Yes, I feel it helped me significantly.¬† My questions were answered and new ones created, we are still working on them.”

Dale L

“Good session.¬† She was most understanding and helpful.”

“She also made a couple of good suggestions which I have already implemented.”

Jack F


“I had a wonderful call.¬† She was informative, patient and helpful.

All the best,”

–Tom H

“The session…went very well.¬† My questions and concerns were readily answered.¬† Yes, I get more confidence every time I speak with her.¬† After our session concluded, I contacted Ameritrade and acquired an account with them, because I feel ready to go LIVE.”

–Andy E

“The meeting went very well.¬† Most impressed.¬† She helped me to set stops and to set my Think or Swim platform to show me more pertinent information.¬† And she explained how to get more premium from my trades by selling the put spreads and call spreads separately. ¬† ¬†Thanks much”

¬†–Charles S

“The coaching was very helpful. I have been using the ThinkorSwim platform for several years but she showed me a few good tips that I have never tried before. I implemented her suggestions immediately after our coaching session. I do feel it is a necessary step for new members and highly recommend using the coaching session.”

–John B

The session made me aware of some basics of the TOS platform settings to focus on key data and to avoid errors in placing trades.

While I’m in somewhat familiar territory, I have been away from trading for a time.
I think the orientation session…and the coaching session…speak highly for … and are key customer service assets of CashFlowHeaven.

–Al P

The opportunity to discuss some of my concerns and platform issues, together with possible workarounds was a great help.

It answered several questions I had and I’m sure will improve my level of confidence as I go forward (particularly as I grapple with the complexities of the IB platform). This, was certainly helped by the coach’s friendly approach and her knowledge of the topic.It was an altogether a very informative and enjoyable experience.


The one on one session was a great experience for me.  I started with you about a month ago and some paper trades for a few days and shortly after I started trading I got stopped out on two spreads the same day. On April 25 I believe so I have been a little discouraged.  My coach helped me a lot to regain confidence and to be able to follow what the spreads are doing.  She was so patient with me and I am so grateful to her for that.  She went way above what I was expecting her to do.

Thank You All Very Much.

–Max H

The coaching session was very good. We talked technical analysis, credit spread strategies and how to interpret market conditions.

I thought the coaching session helped. I got my most important questions answered. I have more confidence in my trading than before the coaching session.

Thanks for all you and the entire organization do.

–Elven N

“I just had my coaching period this morning and it was excellent.¬† She covered many items about TOS, the preferred way of entering the basic spread, stops and general discussions of several other topics.¬† I highly recommend such a session for the new guy on the block.”


“The session really did help me.She even taught me some new techniques, that I was very grateful to learn. And, I got my main questions answered, but to be honest, a few hours ago, I thought up of one more questions.

I’m definitely more confident about trading after our session. And, I’m really glad you have someone…to answer the hands on questions on trading.”

–Sam R

“The coaching session was very good. She helped me configure ThinkorSwim and share a few tips on executing option spread purchases and stop orders as well as cancelling an order.”

–Bryan A

“I found the coaching to be very helpful, it’s great to have some direct one on one contact with someone from your staff, it shows your commitment to your subscribers.¬†¬†There were some specific setups for TOS and also additional details about the service that I learned. I have been trading part time on and off¬†for a number of years with mixed results and have been skeptical of trading credit spreads because of the stories of¬†1 loss taking away¬†the profits of 9 winners. Mentoring really reinforced the importance of always entering your stops, and properly sizing my positions based on my account size.”

–Ron P

“The coaching session was great. ¬†I learned a lot of new things that I can begin putting into action right away. ¬†My mentor was amazing and a great resource for you and your company. ¬†As a new Trader, I am trying to take in as much information as possible and she made things really easy to understand.”

— Peter ¬†F.

“My mentor talked me through [everything]¬†step by step, calmly and methodically. It sure helps having a tutor with a great personality…makes it all that more easier to learn. I am real glad I did. It all fell into place and made common sense to me. I then went live! I went live when the market was at its worse! What a great time to see if I could swim. Funny enough, the trading platform is called think or swim!”

“Mentoring]¬†has been critical in helping me get on my trading feet and feeling confident. Thank you.”

— Judith A

“Coaching was fantastic.”

— Jeff S

“Coaching was very helpful to me.¬† I am a new trader trying to learn as much as I learned¬†several things during our time today that I can begin using right away.¬† It was a great session and I am very grateful for her time.¬† She did a really good job!”

— Peter

“The coaching session went really well. I’ve been trading successfully for about 7 years and wanted to integrate credit spreads to my existing strategies.

All my questions were answered including the ones about ¬†the ThinkorSwim platform functionality regarding credit spreads.”

— Vasken

“The coaching session was very helpful. She answered all of our questions. She is pretty knowledgeable and patient. No doubt, we are lot more confident than before. We must practice more paper trades before we put our feet down to the live market.”

Sanjoy & Christine