Enjoy the Freedom of Creating Weekly Income from Anywhere in the World

Imagine opening your laptop after an afternoon exploring the antiquities of Egypt, or a morning collecting locally made trinkets at a bazaar in Katmandu, or sampling the delicious cuisine of Southeast Asia with a table of newly found friends–to find you just made enough to finance the next leg of your trip!

The truth is—most of us are used to trading our time for money. If you aren’t working you aren’t making anything outside of your yearly allotment of paid vacation. That’s why there’s a well understood ratio between work time and vacation time—typically out of a 52 week year you might get two weeks of vacation—a daunting 50 to 2 ratio.

Even if you get more time than that, it’s still pretty lopsided. Now don’t get me wrong—there’s nothing wrong with work. Being productive is satisfying–and so is a job well done. But wouldn’t it be nice if it could be on your terms?

Once you have established an independent income it gives you the confidence to be more creative in negotiating your working conditions. Maybe you can start working from home—or as an independent contractor—or work just part of the year. The point is—you don’t have to quit your job—but creating an income that has nothing to do with exchanging time for money gives you a lot of attractive options. And that’s what our programs are all about.

To see for yourself go ahead and watch the beginning of ‘How to Generate Weekly Stock Market Paychecks from Anywhere in the World”

This is just a couple minutes out of a full 53 minute presentation–which is included in The Winning Secret Course shown below.