Discover the Excitement of Making Weekly Profits While You Eat, Sleep, Play and Travel

We are so conditioned to trade our time for money that the first time you generate some passive income you’ll think it’s magic.

Imagine making money while you sleep? Or while you are enjoying dinner at come cool new restaurant with friends? Or while golfing with your buddies?

I'll never forget the time I got back from rafting on the Rogue River in Southern Oregon–and opened my laptop to find out I’d made $2500 dollars while shooting the rapids with my family!

That was cool.  And when you've done it once, you realize you can do it again.

Now most folks believe that to make weekly profits in the stock market they'll have to be glued to their computer screens 24/7—but that’s actually the LAST thing you want.

The truth is, as emotional human beings most of us are hard-wired to lose money trading–and that's especially true if you're watching your positions–and emotions–gyrate up and down with every whim of the markets. What most of us need is a system we can put on autopilot that works better if you're not watching it! 

And that's some really great news–because like all humans you need fresh air and exercise to stay mentally and emotionally healthy—and you aren’t going to get that staring at a computer screen all day.

So here’s an amazing thing about the way you’ll generate this income—you can do it by setting automatic orders that work beautifully with or without you.

To see for yourself take a look at the short video below—and start making money while you eat, sleep, play and travel:

The video above is part of a much larger presentation that is included in The Winning Secret Course shown below.